Our Business Principles

1.   We aim to be ethical and trustworthy investors to build trust with our partners.

2. Our goal is to find exceptional entrepreneurs and partner with them to create exceptional returns for our investors.

3. We understand how critical our reputation and culture are to attract and retain our very best people.

4. We believe our people are the most valuable asset we have, along with investors' capital. We make efforts to create a culture that supports their professional and personal growth.

5. We respect our colleagues and create a collaborative environment where people are not afraid to suggest new ideas.

6. We strive to be as honest and transparent as possible with our mistakes and continue to learn from them.

7. We constantly discuss and improve our processes for better outcomes in investment, operations, portfolio management, and investor relations.

8. We communicate extensively but effectively with stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes while respecting their valuable time.

9. We always place ourselves in the shoes of others to understand alternative positions and incentives and come to rational conclusions.

10. We are accountable and deliver our responsibilities with the highest quality to internal as well as external partners.

11. We create an inclusive environment to support each other to succeed and celebrate the success of others as a team.

12. We highly value our long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs and investors and continue to support and be useful for them to achieve their goals.

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©2023 Neoclassic. All rights reserved.