We’re bridging the gap between today and tomorrow

Neoclassic Capital is a global investment firm specializing in
web3, blockchain technology, and digital assets


We are a global human network designed to bridge critical gaps for our founders, investors, and partners.


We identify the highest impact founders and maximize their output while optimizing outcome for our investors.


We aim to capture unique investment opportunities and accelerate the growth of the web3 ecosystem by bridging gaps between:

East & West
Steve brings linguistic and cultural fluency from the East, having lived and worked in Korea, Japan, and Singapore for 25 years, in addition to his exposure in the US for 15 years. Michael is rooted in North America, having spent the vast majority of his career in New York and Canada; however, the nature of his work has always been global. Their combined experience and track record reflect geographic diversity, bridging the gap between two hemispheres.
Crypto & Institutions
Mike and Steve's extensive experience in traditional financial institutions, blended with their crypto experience, enables them to act as both a bridge and translator between traditional institutions and the crypto-native community.
Private & Public
The line between public and private markets continues to blur in Web3. Mike and Steve’s experience in traditional markets, combined with their highly unique experience in hybrid investing in crypto over 7 years, allows them to manage risk, optimize exits, and source deals and liquidity in a way that is unavailable to most investors today.

The core of our organization is rooted in a strong culture. That culture embeds our core values and principles at all levels of the organization and individual.

We begin from a place of trust with our people, our partners and our stakeholders, the value of integrity allows us to maintain the standard of those relationships.
We strive for excellence in every facet of our organization - relationships, communication, investing, operations, risk management, infrastructure.
We are a sum of our parts and prioritize collaboration as one firm to produce the best possible results with a culture of teamwork where we respect differences and support each other.
We stay rooted in humility in everything we do, forcing us into a state of introspection and curiosity and being open-minded to different perspectives.
We are transparent in our actions, decisions and communications with both our people and those we serve.

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